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International Citizen Hub Lund is a partner of EURES - a collaborative network, by the European Commission, promoting free movement of workers.

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ICHL a partner of EURES

EURES is a collaborative network, by the European Commission, promoting free movement of workers between the 27 EU countries as well as Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The network consists of more than 1000 EURES advisors at public and private companies and organisations.

Through the partnership with EURES the team of International Citizen Hub Lund (ICHL) offers access to information, placements and recruitment services for both employers and job seekers.

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EURES events at ICHL

You can learn more about EURES, the services provided and your possibilities by joining the events and activities arranged by International Citizen Hub Lund (ICHL) in collaboration with EURES Sweden:

Introduction to the Swedish Job Market

Kick-Start Program

Targeted Mobility Scheme

Within the EURES project Target Mobility Scheme, both job seekers and employers can take advantage of mobility services and financial support.

What is Targeted Mobility Scheme?

For job seekers:

  • Dedicated support from national employment services for people seeking work, training or apprenticeships in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.
  • Tackles the needs of jobseekers to remove mobility obstacles.
  • Helps employers in these countries who are looking for motivated and qualified workers.
  • Available support includes funding to cover things like language courses, getting your qualifications recognised, travel and subsistence expenses.

For employers:

  • Offers your business dedicated support from local employment services to recruit motivated and qualified jobseekers from other European countries for work, traineeship or apprenticeship.
  • If you are a small or medium-sized business, you can also apply for financial support to cover some of the training and integration costs for these new staff.

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Sustainable development of the labour market

Arbetsförmedlingen cooperates within the EU and internationally in order to contribute to sustainable development of the labour market in Sweden and abroad.

As an EU member state, Sweden has committed to facilitating the free movement of labour and to contributing to strengthening the common European labour market. Arbetsförmedlingen contribute to this via the EURES cooperation network, including the role to coordinate the Swedish EURES network’s members and partners.

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Street view in Lund.