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10 tips for finding a job in Sweden

Looking for a job? This guide will walk you through ten tips regarding your job search in Sweden, that we have collected over the years. Enjoy!

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very important job search tool in Sweden. It will be a good place to start making connections, so update your profile and boost your chances to attract attention. Remember to include a picture or update it if necessary.

Also follow International Citizen Hub Lund and companies that you are interested in finding a position at or leads to your next job. Some LinkedIn groups allow you to join and share your CV or profile there, so try to find groups within your profession.

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Are you on Linkedin? Connect right away with our communications manager, to start broaden your network in Sweden:

Martina Åkerlund on Linkedin

2. Swedish Employment Agency

It’s a good idea to register at the Swedish Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) online registration which can be done by using a BankID or Freja eID. Here you can get information about the different kinds of support and programs you can be eligible for.

Read more about the Swedish Employment Agency

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3. Your CV

Update your CV and make sure you put a picture on it. In Sweden, a picture is favorable than some other countries and make it concise by reducing your CV to 2 pages but not more than 3. You should have your name and contact information on every page as well as numbering the pages. You can put bullet points at the top to summarize your experience and skills at the beginning of your CV. Remember to tailor this summary according to the job vacancy that you are applying for and highlight skills and experience according to the job advertisement.

4. Cover letter

If a cover letter or personal letter is needed, try to keep it short and not more than three quarters of a page. You need to express why this particular company interests you and why you are the person they need for the position. Always tailor the letter for every vacancy and make sure to check spelling as well as having the correct company name on it. Let someone else read it and ask them if the letter sounds like “you”.

5. Networking

Networking is very important and Facebook offers many networking opportunities and information. You can probably think of mentorship activities. Many people who are working and established in a job market in Sweden are willing to offer their time to help others to understand more about the Swedish job market and become a mentor.

You can check some organizations which arrange these kinds of activities, for example Mitt Liv (online activity). They start and end their programs at certain times of the year so you need to contact them to know more about their respective opportunities.

Learn more about networking and mentorship here

6. Volunteering

Volunteering can be a good way to network as well. Check out Volontärbyrån for volunteering opportunities in your city. The search will give you wider range if you don’t limit the search to activities in English. You can always contact the organization and ask about the language needed.

Get tips on where to volunteer

7. Start your own business

If you have services or skills to offer companies or organizations then maybe you start your own business as a consultant is the way to approach your job search.

Here in Sweden you can get support from Nyföretagarcentrum to start your own business. You can book a meeting with one of their consultants and discuss your ideas or business plan. Many cities have this organization. Their services are free of charge.

Learn more about starting your own business

If you want to start or run your own business you will find a lot of useful information and services on the website Verksamt.se.


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8. Denmark

By looking for a job in both southern Sweden and Denmark, you will increase your possibilities with more than 100%. Our neighboring country Denmark have many job opportunities for you within particular professions.

Work in Denmark is a good website to start with:

Work in Denmark

Remember to also contact Øresunddirekt if you find a job opportunity in Denmark as they support commuters with many services that can be helpful when working on the other side of the bridge.


And welcome to join the ICHL event: Workplace culture in Sweden and Denmark

9. Get general advice at drop-in

You are also welcome to join the drop-in to get general answers and advice, but please bare in mind that we are not experts.

Read more about drop-in

10. Career program for spouses and partners

Have you left your job at home to follow your spouse/partner to southern Sweden? Or are you concerned how to go about the job search in Sweden? As a spouse/partner of an international employee recruited to Lund or Malmö, International Citizen Hub Lund can help you discover the tools you need to make your job search easier.

This program is based on 10 informative sessions on how to optimize your job search as an international talent in Sweden. Follow the link for more details and criteria to get into the program.

Learn more about the Kick-Start Program