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About International Citizen Hub Lund

International Citizen Hub Lund provide helpful information to international employees and their families, arrange relevant activities, and offer a warm environment in which to meet. Our goal is to make the experience in southern Sweden an enjoyable one for both the employee and their family. Looking forward to meeting you!

Team of ICHL: Martina, Maria, Lisa and Susanne
Team of ICHL: Martina, Maria, Lisa and Susanne

International Citizen Hub Lund has a role to enlighten, coordinate, and connect international employees and their families to Sweden’s various authorities, local associations, educational institutions, as well as the private sector throughout southern Sweden. The goal is to attract specialized competency and retain this talent in the region.

International Citizen Hub Lund regularly holds in-house events that align with these goals. We welcome all internationals in the region to sign-up and take part in our events and our drop-in service.

Whenever possible, International Citizen Hub Lund’s website offers links to web pages written in English. This helps users to navigate the Swedish system and gain a better understanding of the wonderful things the region has to offer.

A warm welcome and a great way to network

Looking forward to welcoming you to International Citizen Hub Lund and southern Sweden! We arrange more than 100 events and activities per year. Join us and get your network started!

/ Lisa Andersson, Talent Attraction Developer

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Principal financier and organizer

The City of Lund established International Citizen Hub Lund in October 2015, acting as the principal financier and organizer.

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Support by Region Skåne

The hub is supported by Region Skåne, enabling more internationals in the region to benefit from the services provided.

Region Skåne