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Kick-Start Program

Have you left your job at home to follow your spouse/partner to southern Sweden? Join the Kick-Start Program and discover the tools you need to make your job search easier! Career program for spouses and partners. And, we now have the pleasure to offer the program to Master Students from Lund University who are interested in working in Sweden after their studies. This is due to the extra financing from EU- Interreg Project called Cross-border Talent Bridge.

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Kick-Start Program Fall 2024

Would you like to join the next career program?

Time to sign up for the next edition of ICHL career program for spouses and partners!

Information meetings about Kick-Start Program Fall 2024 will be held the following dates:

  • 19 August 2024 - 13:00-14:00
  • 22 August 2024 - 13:00-14:00
  • 26 August 2024 - 10:00-11:00
  • 26 August 2024 - 13:00-14:00
  • 28 August 2024 - 11:00-12:00

Registration will open soon - stay tuned by reading the ICHL newsletter.


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Career program for spouses/partners and master students

Are you looking for a job but feel you don't get any further? Would you like to increase your knowledge about the job market and what employers are looking for? Do you need some tips on how to broaden your network and how to conduct yourself in an interview? Then this Kick-Start Program is for you!

This career program prioritizes spouses and partners of international employees recruited by companies and organisations in Lund municipality, as well as Lund University. As well as master students completing their master programs from Lund University and ready to seek their next career step in Sweden. Companies and municipalities outside of Lund may have an agreement with ICHL, so feel free to ask at lich@lund.se if unsure. Or contact, Lisa Andersson at lisa.andersson@lund.se.

The Kick-Start Program runs two times per year. The Spring program starts in February and the Fall program in September each year. The sessions of the Kick-Start Program are held in English during office hours. The course is free of charge.

Information meetings about the program are held in January and August. Please sign up for ICHL newsletter to get updates.

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What is Kick-Start Program?

International Citizen Hub Lund offers a Kick-Start Program aiming to provide you with useful tools that will increase the opportunity to reach the job market. The program comprises different institutions, companies and individuals that give support, inspiration and shared experience in how to find employment.

10 informative sessions

The job program is based on 10 informative sessions on how to optimize your job search as an international talent in Sweden. These sessions have a different theme targeting, e.g. Swedish work culture, CV writing and interview tips and even starting your own company just to name a few. The program is limited to 60 participants divided into two groups that will meet basically 2-3 times a week with start-up times in late September and February.

Recruiting activities & alumni network

We also create extra recruiting activities with collaborating partners to help the jobseeker get closer to companies that are currently recruiting and facilitate an alumni network. The Kick-Start Program alumni network is for both those who are gainfully employed and current jobseekers who find the value of keeping in touch to share their experiences.

For those recruited to Sweden

This program is limited to those recruited to Sweden and connected to a Lund company/organisation, as well as Lund University. Companies and municipalities outside of Lund may have an agreement with ICHL, so we suggest you check with your spouse/partner to receive further information about our Kick-Start Program or contact us directly for assistance.

Contact person

Lisa Andersson is responsible for the Kick-Start Program. If you have questions about the program you are welcome to contact her. Please mark with subject "KSP".
E-mail: lich@lund.se

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NEW! An opportunity for non-Lund companies and learning institutions

If you’re an organization that recruit international talent from outside of Sweden, then this opportunity may be of interest. International Citizen Hub Lund has been running the Kick-Start Job Program since fall 2016 with the aim of helping spouses/partners of recruited talent to navigate the Swedish Job Market. There have been over 690 participants attending the program with a success factor of 57% either finding employment or starting their own company.

From Fall 2023 and onwards we have the pleasure of opening this appreciated program to other companies outside Lund. We are able to provide a few places to companies who recruit international employees with an accompanying spouse / partner. As this program is financed by the city of Lund, all Lund companies, Lund University and our research facilities ESS and MAX IV are not obliged to financially contribute to the participants entering the program. However, all companies, universities or municipalities outside of Lund will need to contribute financially to the program per participant.

Information meetings for the spouse/partner are held in August and January. If you’d like more information about the program or if you have any questions about the financial contribution, please contact Lisa Andersson at lisa.andersson@lund.se

If you would like an information flyer to share with your incoming international recruits or those recruits that moved here during the year, please feel free to contact Lisa.

Stories written by Kick-Start Program Alumnis

The Kick-Start Program has been up and running for 15 seasons and have had 680+ participants from 80+ countries all over the world.

Many of our participants have written stories about their experiences of the Kick-Start Program. Follow the link to read what KSP Alumnis think about the program, what they have learned and found useful. You can also contact them via Linkedin to get personal feedback.

Read the KSP Alumni stories here