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Networking, mentors and volunteering

Networking is a key ingredient when it comes to finding a job in Sweden so try and grow your network in a variety of ways. International Citizen Hub Lund holds many events to facilitate networking and are constantly welcoming new people into the fold.

Many organizations provide volunteers with the unique experience of being able to help others while helping themselves. Some firms offer internships that lead to new jobs or a wider network, and there are plenty of other networking events to be found throughout the region.

Events and Networking

Attending different events can be a wonderful way to meet new people and grow your network. Lund and the region offers an abundance of events where there is bound to be something for everyone.

Some popular networking arenas in Lund:

Business in Lund

Ideon Science Park

Lund University

Medicon Village

Mobile Heights

For networking arenas in Malmö and the region take a look at:

Skåne Networking Community (Facebook group)

PMI, Project Management Institute Sweden

Business in Malmö

Social groups

The international social groups offer a lot of activities and events. Here is a selection:

International Club of Skåne

American International Club Malmö (AIC Malmö)



Ladies Circle Sweden

Malmö International Rotary Club

Lund International Rotary Club

Mentor programs

Mentor programs offer participants an environment to learn and work together with like-minded people, while helping them expand their network and create future job opportunities. There are several businesses offering free or paid mentor programs in the region:

Mitt Liv


International Citizen Hub Lund works closely with several organizations to promote inclusion and well-being in the region. Volunteering is proven not only to be good for the body and mind, but a terrific way to meet new people and find future employment.

Reasons to volunteer:

  • Use, show and develop your skills and work experience
  • Increase your network, gain contacts - also to other organizations.
  • Break isolation – give yourself a place and context to visit regularly
  • Practice your Swedish, experience the working culture and gain better understanding of the society
  • Make a positive impact to the Swedish society

If you want to be a volunteer there are many opportunities in the region:

Eos Cares


Food Saving Lund

IM, Individuell Människohjälp

International Women's Organisation in Malmö

Pink Programming

Red Cross (in Swedish)

Save the Children/Rädda Barnen

Skånes stadsmission

Stenkrossen, various projects in art, culture, sustainability and development

STPLN, meeting place, maker space, incubator for creative projects


This is just a selection, feel free to search for volunteering opportunities according to your interests. Some ideas: international schools, libraries, sports associations, elderly centers (run by municipality), cat/dog shelters just to name a few. Good luck!