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International Citizen Hub Lund

Welcome to International Citizen Hub Lund, ICHL, your home away from home in southern Sweden! We provide helpful information to international employees and their families, arrange relevant activities, and offer a warm environment in which to meet.

The City of Lund established International Citizen Hub Lund in 2015, acting as the principal financier and organizer. ICHL is supported by Region Skåne, enabling more internationals in the region to benefit from the services provided.

Events and activities in the ICHL community

International Citizen Hub Lund arrange events to help you navigate your first years in Sweden. The events are not just informative, but allow you to meet other internationals in a warm and friendly environment. Looking forward to seeing you!

New in town? Looking for support and advice? Get the answers to your questions free of charge. We are available to meet with you personally at drop-in. Meet & mingle with other internationals. Enjoy a social chat and a "fika". Welcome!

There are many internationals who have been connected to ICHL for a while. The ICHL Ambassadors are happy to share their experiences and help other newcomers with the settling in process here in Sweden!

Work-life balance for employees and their families

Two kids and two fathers on parental leave, in a park

Parental leave in Sweden

Sweden offers one of the best parental leave ("föräldraledighet") policies in the world. Parents are granted a total of 480 days of leave per child, with 180 additional days given for twins.

Skåne, in the southernmost part of Sweden with its vibrant, innovation-based economy and booming start-up scene, is a regional champion and national showcase.

Get the tools you need to find a job or start your own business in Sweden. Follow the link for job sites and tips on networking, how to join our Kick-Start Program, and much more.

Have you left your job at home to follow your spouse/partner to southern Sweden? By joining the Kick-Start Program at ICHL you will increase the opportunity to reach the Swedish job market