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Upcoming events

International Citizen Hub Lund arrange events to help you navigate your first years in Sweden. These events are not just informative, but also allow you to meet other internationals in a warm and friendly environment. Looking forward to seeing you!

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Get the answers to your questions at drop-in, Thursdays 9.00-12.00.

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The upcoming events at International Citizen Hub Lund are listed here. There might be changes, so please check the details of the event carefully. The most updated information is always here on our website.

The registration opens up about two weeks before the event. If you can't attend, please cancel your registration, and your seat will go to someone on the waiting list.

Get the health related information you need to know, when planning to have (or already have) children in Sweden. Plus tips about life with small children in Sweden.

Broaden your knowledge and network through “folkbildning” in Sweden. At this event you will learn about various forms of lifelong learning opportunities: courses, study circles and cultural activities.

Enjoy the flowers and plants of the Botanical Garden in Lund with us! This is a great opportunity to engage with the natural environment.

Get a warm welcome and information about the services of International Citizen Hub Lund, the ambassador network and the growing community of international newcomers.

A captivating visit to the second oldest open-air museum on the planet, showcasing a collection of typical Swedish houses ranging from the Middle Ages through to the 1900s.

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Questions about the events?

If you have questions concerning the events:
Get in touch with our event manager Maria Petit.