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Swedish tax system

The taxes paid in Sweden cover a number of services and benefits that are unique to living in Sweden. Besides funding infrastructure, social security benefits, education, health care to name a few; there exists support for the sick and disabled, pensions, care for the elderly, unemployment and businesses.

The Swedish Tax Agency

The role of the Swedish Tax Agency, "Skatteverket", is to manage civil registration of private individuals, including Swedish identity cards. And of course collect taxes such as personal income tax, corporate tax, VAT and excise tax as well as registration of businesses.


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Paying taxes and completing mandatory income tax returns in Sweden is usually a straightforward process. All relevant taxes payable by an employee are deducted from their salary before paid out. Most employers pay out salaries the 25th of each month, giving plenty of time to pay utility bills due at the end of the month.

Value-added tax ("moms"), in Sweden is included in the price of food as well as other goods and services. This means when you’re out shopping the price you see is the price you pay. The percentage of VAT in Sweden is dependent on the type of goods or services being sold.

Declaring taxes

Income tax returns are to be submitted every year, 2 May to the Swedish Tax Agency. This process is straightforward unless additional information is needed. A pre-printed income tax return is sent out with the information gathered from your employer, then sent out to the individual in late spring for approval and signature. If you have a personal identification number you can submit the completed form using the Swedish Tax Agency’s e-service. If you do not have a personal number, follow the link below for more information. If your income tax return is incomplete, you will then need to add any additional information required before returning it. Contact Skatteverket if in doubt or visit their webpage for more information.

Skattverket - Declaring taxes