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Insurance and health care

It's easy to think while living in Sweden everything is taken care of by the state but be aware that personal property needs to be insured and you may want to look into extra insurance for your family and pet. However, thanks to a tax payer-funded and largely decentralized health care system, Sweden offers inexpensive, heavily subsidized, and high quality public health care for everyone who lives or works in Sweden.

Compare different insurance companies

Nearly all insurance companies in Sweden offer more than one type of insurance. At times it can be smart to use the same insurance company for all your policy needs. Therefore, providing yourself with the opportunity to take advantage of different company deals. While at other times it can be financially beneficial to involve different companies. We recommend checking the prices with several different companies before committing to an insurance policy.

If you are unsure what to do, The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau, "Konsumenternas", is an authority that covers all types of insurance and will advise and help people for free. They also provide many useful tips and news feeds on their website.

All homes in Sweden should have homeowner’s insurance ("hemförsäkring"). Homeowner’s insurance is normally quite affordable and often cheaper than in other countries.

It is strongly recommended for all occupants to have homeowner’s insurance connected to their house or apartment. Homeowner’s insurance is very comprehensive and consists of a few different insurances covering theft, accidental breakages, personal injuries, and liability for damages or injuries caused to others, among other things.

There are several insurance companies in Sweden and it is important to contact them and compare prices, coverage, and policy holder requirements. If planning to sublet any part of your home, be aware to check the landlord requirements and what your insurance policy covers. Tenants are often required to take out their own insurance policy in addition to what is covered by the landlord.

There are several types of vehicle insurance policies that vehicle owners can take out in Sweden. Swedish law dictates that each vehicle must have motor third-party liability insurance (“trafikförsäkring") as a minimum. Motor third-party liability insurance compensates other parties in the event of personal injury or property damage. It does not however cover damages to your own vehicle if that vehicle is at fault. If the other vehicle is at fault, you will receive compensation through their insurance.

Additional insurance can also be purchased to cover theft, fire, and damages to one’s own vehicle. This can come in the form of comprehensive insurance, or third-party insurance including fire and theft.

Car ownership also requires that each vehicle be insured on the day that it is first used on the road, or immediately if already on the road. Any insurance the previous owner had is no longer valid from the date the vehicle is purchase.

Insurance is valid in all EU and EES countries, however, in some countries they might ask you to show a Green Card to prove it’s properly insured. A Green Card can be ordered through your insurance company and should be ordered no less than a week before your travels to ensure its arrival. The Swedish Transport Agency, “Transportstyrelsen”, provides all the required information for vehicles. They can also help you with the regulations for importing a vehicle to Sweden from another country.


Sweden offers pet insurance for many different types of animals. The cost of insurance can vary depending on the age and health of the animal, and although animal insurance is not compulsory in Sweden, it does come with many benefits. It is for this reason that many pet owners in Sweden take out insurance due to high veterinarian fees. Costs can escalate as the pet ages, so it is best to check with a Swedish veterinarian or authority upon arrival and work out what level of insurance is right for you and your pet.
More about insurances at Konsumenternas

The Swedish Health care system

Health care in Sweden is largely tax-funded, a system that ensures everyone equal access to health care services.

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The health clinic, your first point of contact

The health clinic becomes your first point of contact with medical services when you become sick or sustain mild injuries. As part of the publicity funded social insurance, you only pay a moderate fee when visiting a doctor or physiotherapist within the national health scheme. Children receive free health care up to the age of 20 in Skåne.

Health care at Region Skåne

Emergency care

In case of an emergency, dial 112, or go to the nearest Accident and Emergency ward at the hospital (“Akuten”).

Dial 112 for emergency care

Medical advice

If you are unsure whether to visit the hospital or health clinic, call the medical advice telephone service, dial 1177. They can advise you if you need to visit the Emergency Ward, seek medical care through a district clinic or advise you what to do until seeking medical care the next day if you prefer to visit your own local clinic. Have the personal number handy of the person seeking medical care.

For non-urgent matters, these are handled by local health clinics (more information above).
Medical advice at 1177

Illness and sick pay

If you are unable to work and need to stay at home due to illness, you receive no wages or sick pay on the first day ("karensdag"). After the first day, you receive sick pay from your employer for the next two weeks. If, however, you are still sick after one week, a doctor’s certificate will be requested by your employer. Following the initial two-week period, sickness benefits are then paid out and administrated by The Swedish Insurance Agency, “Försäkringskassan”:

Försäkringskassan — sick

Dental care

In Sweden dental care is not covered in the same way as other medical treatments. As an adult you pay a high proportion of your dental check-ups and treatments yourself. But dental care is free up until December 31st in the year you turn 22.

Unlike health care, dental treatment fees can vary in which you pay a larger share of the costs, so it is wise to compare prices. Many dental clinics offer a special monthly insurance in order to lower the price of dental care. If you are in need of dental care on a regular basis then it could be a benefit to get a dental insurance.

Region Skåne — dental care