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Driving and transportation

It's easy to get around in southern Sweden due to a far-reaching public transportation system that even crosses the Öresund bridge into Denmark. And if you need to drive, you can enjoy well-maintained roads as long as you have a valid driver's license that is accepted in Sweden during your stay.

Driving in Sweden

Swedes drive on the right-hand side of the road, however, before driving in Sweden, there are many rules that driver’s need to be aware of. These rules range from traffic right through to licensing and insurance requirements.

It is the Swedish Transport Agency, “Transportstyrelsen”, and the Swedish Transport Administration, “Trafikverket”, who share matters relating to driving licenses, and they provide useful information on their websites about who is permitted to drive in Sweden.



Obtain a Swedish Driver's license

  • If you are coming from an EU/EES member state, Switzerland or Japan it is possible to change your license to a Swedish one.
  • If you are coming from outside the EU/EES, you are required to have a Swedish driver’s license. This process often starts well in advance (several months) of their foreign driver’s license becoming invalid for use in Sweden.

To obtain a Swedish driver’s license can be a significant expense. It requires completing both a written and practical test in addition to other pre-test requirements. It is also encouraged that even experienced drivers take a few driving lessons before taking their practical test. This gives driver’s the knowledge of what to expect in their practical test.

There are many traffic schools (“trafikskola”) available to help with this, some are even able to give lessons in English so it pays to shop around. Even with many traffic schools in the region, it can be difficult to find appointment slots. If you require driving lessons or need to attend a compulsory risk lecture, be sure to book well in advance.

Swedish driving license — Trafikverket

Public transportation in the region

The regional public transport authority Skånetrafiken plans, develops and promotes the traffic in the region, with various bus and train services subsequently run by different contractors. The public transportation system in Sweden not only covers the southern region of Sweden, but also the Öresund Region of Denmark. Just remember to always bring your passport or ID card when leaving Sweden.

How to get around in Skåne

Travelling and working in Denmark

The Öresund Bridge, "Öresundsbron", allows for easy access between Copenhagen and Malmö and takes roughly 35 minutes by train. When travelling by train expect passport checks on board.

If travelling by car, there is a bridge toll and a fast-moving border check point.


Øresunddirekt, for commuters between Sweden and Denmark

The bridge gives easy access to new job opportunities and is a unique opportunity to gain international experience, without having to travel far. Over 15,000 commuters cross the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö every day via car or train. Øresunddirekt offers a lot of information on their website for those looking to commute between Sweden and Denmark.