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Bringing pets to Sweden

Sweden is a great place to bring your pet as strong animal rights legislation exists and it's not so complicated once you know the procedure. Animals are generally very well looked after and pets are usually valued family members that can't be left behind.

Dog running free in the grass.

A very pet-friendly country

Sweden is a very pet-friendly country yet bringing a pet into Sweden involves following a specific set of requirements in the proper order. The rules and regulations for bringing a foreign pet into Sweden differ depending on where it is being relocated from. If a country outside the EU has a functional rabies surveillance system, it is referred to a listed country. If it does not have a functional rabies surveillance system, it is a non-listed country. There are different requirements for each type of travel including that within the EU. For example, Sweden does not require an owner’s declaration for cats, dogs or ferrets coming from some EU Member States, but always requires this when coming from outside the EU.

A basic outline of what is required

Here is a basic outline of what is required when bringing your pet (cat, dog or ferret) from outside the EU:

  • Microchip implant (Make sure it is the international chip, AVVID, which is the one used in the EU).
  • Rabies vaccination and a follow-up blood test of rabies antibodies. This must be done 120 days prior to your pet’s arrival in Sweden! (Direct air transports from the UK, Ireland and Malta are excluded from this requirement).
  • De-worming one week before your pet arrives in Sweden (Direct air transports from the UK, Ireland, Malta, Finland and Åland are excluded from this requirement also).
  • A veterinary certificate or an EU passport.
  • The animal must have an owner’s declaration for pets.
  • Customs declaration – reported for control at an EU Point of Entry.

It is very important to follow the guidelines given by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, otherwise you risk facing problems with customs. If you arrive and the authorities discover that your pet does not meet the correct standards, you may be required to place your pet in quarantine for several months at your own expense.

Upon arrival in Sweden, you are required to register your pet. It is recommended that you bring your pet to a local vet as soon as possible and they will be able to provide you with any additional information you need to complete your pet´s transition into Sweden. This is also an appropriate time to ask about pet insurance.

Swedish Board of Agriculture

For more in-depth information about regulations and requirements, go to the website of Swedish Board of Agriculture ("Jordbruksverket")


Please note

If you disembark from your plane or other mode of transport outside of Sweden (e.g. Copenhagen airport), with the intent of bringing your pet over the border into Sweden. Be aware extra customs requirements may apply. Always check the requirements for each country including any paperwork and vaccinations needed, well in advance of your departure. When transporting your pets by air, it is worth comparing the prices (and services) of several different animal transportation companies.


There are many benefits to insuring your pet. To find out more about pet insurance in Sweden:

Information about pet insurance