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Immigration and registration

Moving to a new country is both exciting and sometimes challenging but getting an insight on what needs to be done before moving and once you've arrive will make this transition easier.


  • As an EU citizen you have the right to work, study or live in Sweden without a residence permit in general.
  • As a non-EU citizen, you must apply for a work and residence permit.

Residence Permit

A work and residence permit should be applied for and granted before entering Sweden. When applying online you are given clear instructions about how to fill in your application and what you should send with the application. This makes it easier for you to apply correctly and increases your chances of a quick decision.

We recommend that you contact the Swedish Migration Agency, “Migrationsverket”, for further information:


Registration in Sweden

Applying for a personal number and identity card at the Swedish Tax Agency, "Skatteverket":


Swedish Personal Identification Number

One of the most important first steps when moving to Sweden if you plan on staying 12 months or more is to obtain a Personal Identification Number (“personnummer”). Obtaining a personal identification number involves registering to the national population register (“folkbokföring”) at the Swedish Tax Agency (“Skatteverket”); the Swedish Tax Agency oversees the administration of the population register. Once registered through the Tax agency, you will receive your Swedish personal identification number.

Everyone registered in Sweden has a personal identity number that you will need before you can operate effectively in the Swedish system. This unique 10 or 12-digit number is assigned to each individual irrelevant of age or country of origin. The first part of the number is based on a person’s date of birth, followed by 4 additional numbers. The personal number assigned to each person will remain with them throughout their life and is active whilst registered in Sweden. It is used to identify you in many everyday situations such as visiting a doctor or paying bills online. It is essential to memorize your number as this is used on a regular basis.

Contact the Swedish Tax Agency for more information:

Skatteverket - Personal number

Swedish Identity Card

An identity card, ID card, ("ID-kort") is a card on which the bearer's photo and personal identity number are registered. The identity card is used as proof of identity in person, or for newer cards as an electronic ID (e-ID) for use over the internet.

Having an identity card will help in any contact you may have with the Swedish authorities. It will also help you in other situations such as, when trying to open a bank account, picking up a parcel from the post office, or accessing your personal data online through the Swedish Tax Agency. It cannot be used as a national identification card or in replacement for a passport when travelling abroad.

To obtain a Swedish ID card you must already have received your personal identity number before applying. Please visit the Swedish tax authorities website for further information how to apply, payment requirement and the local offices that carry out this service. We highly recommend you apply as soon as you have received your personal identification number. Minors who have turned 13 years of age are able to apply for an ID card with approval from their guardian.

Skatteverket - Identity card

Helpful Hint

Many Swedish authorities accept a Swedish driver’s license as proof of identification. This can replace the need for having a separate Identity card, though it is always recommended to get one if you do not hold a Swedish driver's license from the beginning of your stay.