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Kick-Start Program

Have you left your job at home to follow your spouse/partner to southern Sweden? Or are you concerned how to go about the job search in Sweden? As a spouse/partner of an international employee recruited to Lund or Malmö, International Citizen Hub Lund can help you discover the tools you need to make your job search easier.


Thanks to everyone who attended Kick-Start Program Fall 2021 information meetings. We have filled the places now and are looking forward to the program starting 27 September.

For those of you who were not able to attend one of the information meetings this term, please follow our website for upcoming Kick-Start Program information meetings at the end of the year.


What is Kick-Start Program? 

The job program is based on 10 informative sessions on how to optimize your job search as an international talent in Sweden. These sessions have a different theme targeting, e.g. Swedish work culture, CV writing and interview tips and even starting your own company just to name a few. The program is limited to 60 participants divided into two groups that will meet basically 2-3 times a week with start-up times in late September and February. 

We also create extra recruiting activites with collaborating partners to help the jobseeker get closer to companies that are currently recruiting and facilitate an alumni network. The Kick-Start Program alumni network is for both those who are gainfully employed and current jobseekers who find the value of keeping in touch to share their experiences.  

This program is limited to those recruited to Sweden and connected to a Lund or Malmö company as well as Lund University. We suggest you check with your spouse/ partner to receive further information about our Kick-Start Program or contact us directly for assistance.  

Contact person

Lisa Andersson is responsible for the Kick-Start Program.  If you have questions about the program you are welcome to contact her. Please mark with subject "KSP".

>> Send an e-mail to Lisa Andersson

Kick-Start Program stories

Some of our participants have written stories about their experiences of the Kick-Start Program. 

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