Länk till startsidan

International Coffee Mornings

Join us for a relaxed chat with open minded people from all over the world. A great way to start the day and make new friends. Looking forward to seeing you!

Four people sitting at a café having a fika

Volunteer's gem: International Coffee Mornings

Are you new in town?

Do you come from abroad?

Would you like to make new friends?

Are you looking for an open minded group to enjoy a coffee/tea and have a relaxed chat?

Welcome to International Coffee Mornings!


Feel free to join us for a "fika" (at your own expense) at this well known coffee shop in Lund:

Coffee Break, S:t Petri Kyrkogata 3, Lund. More about Coffee Break.

Dates fall 2024

The dates are not yet set for fall 2024.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Meet new and old friends

Edith and friends will be happy to welcome you. A table will be booked, but you don't have to sign up, just come by and join us.

This event will mainly be in English, but you will be able to also speak in Spanish or German, if you want to.

We hope that this will offer you a perfect opportunity to meet new and old friends and have a great time. Welcome!

/ Edith & friends


Please note: The International Coffee Mornings are hosted by volunteers and held outside of ICHL’s ordinary services.

Three people sitting at a café having a fika
Entrance of the café Coffee Break