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Region Skåne

"Skåne is a ”global” region with an international business sector, important universities, world class research facilities and people from all parts of the world. Region Skåne works to strengthen Skåne as a competitive and attractive region. Therefore, we want international talent and their families to thrive and settle down here."

International Citizen Hub in Lund is an important player in helping international talents and their families to navigate through everyday challenges in a new country as well as giving them opportunities to find new networks through events and seminars, etc. Region Skåne is proud to be part of International Citizen Hub Lund, and it’s staff that is very professional, dedicated, welcoming and service-minded; making International Citizen Hub Lund almost a second home for talents who have moved to Skåne."

Eskil Mårtensson, Senior Development Strategist, Region Skåne

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Eskil Mårtensson, RegionSkåne