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Workshop: An in-depth comprehensive approach to get ready to apply for jobs in Sweden - September 2021

This is a pilot workshop planned by Hidden International Talent (HIT) to guide hand by hand individuals through the process of getting ready to apply for jobs in Sweden.

How to read the job announcements and prepare the CV for that particular job? How to use tools to help you with your next step?

This workshop is designed to look at each stage of the process in depth. It is for people who are newcomers to Sweden and looking to work or people who are already in Sweden and could not find a job.

Please note this is not for Kickstart eligible candidates.

This pilot workshop starts in September 2021 digitally or face-to-face depending on the situation with Covid-19. The workshop contains 12 sessions in English (two session a week) that include presentation, activities (individuals and group work), reflection, and preparation work. This is the reason there will be only 6 participants in the workshop, first come first serve. The workshop is offered for free.

1 September - presentation of workshop by Hidden International Talent (HIT)

Welcome to join the presentation of the workshop 1 September 2021. If you are interested, kindly send an email to this address >>

Hidden International Talent (HIT)

Hidden International Talent (HIT) is a group of internationals and a local who are focusing to help international professionals who are living in Sweden to connect with a network web (professionally and socially), to get them ready for the job market, and to establish an international hub for people to support each other.

Our goals are:

• To reduce unemployment among internationals living in Sweden

• To bring highly skilled people into organisations

• To introduce effective tools for positive environment among diversity and inclusion in the workplace 

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