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Guided tour of Lund Cathedral

With over 700,000 visitors Lund Cathedral is Sweden’s most visited church. Join us and get to know the highlights with an experienced guide!

Guide and astronomic clock at Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral invites internationals from International Citizen Hub Lund to a free guided tour! The medieval cathedral is one of Lund’s most prominent buildings and is full of history.

An experienced guide will take us through the highlights of the cathedral. Make sure to register as soon as possible for this event as it is a very popular one!

The building of Lund Cathedral began in 1080 and its first Archbishop, Ascer, consecrated the high altar in the Crypt in 1123. His successor, Archbishop Eskil, then consecrated the main cathedral building in 1145. During the 16th century the Cathedral was restored by the West-phalian stone mason, Adam van Düren, and his sculptured figures can be seen in several parts of the building. In the 19th century the Cathedral was again thoroughly renovated, first by C.G. Brunius, and then by Helgo Zettervall. Further restoration work was undertaken in the period 1954-63 by Eiler Graebe.

Among the Cathedral's many attractions, there is the magnificent horological artistic masterpiece, Horologium mirabil Lundense, dating from 1424. This early time and dating machine is still in working order with it rotating mechanical figures marking the passage of time. The Crypt is yet guarded by the figure of Giant Finn. There are also three rare bronze pillars with mounted statues from around 1240. The finely carved oak choir stalls are from the middle of the 14th century; and the majestic altar dates from 1398. On the other hand, the fine Absidens mosaic by Joakim Skovgaard, is from the 1920's.

Looking forward to seeing you at the guided tour!


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Lund Cathedral, Kyrkogatan 4, Lund


  • The registration will open up approximately two weeks before the event.
  • This event is free of charge – but please unregister if you are not able to attend. Thanks for your understanding!
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Lund Cathedral