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Guided tour Botanical garden

Enjoy a guided tour among the beautiful flowers and plants of the Botanical Garden in Lund.

Flowers and green house at the Botanical Garden Lund

Let's meet for a guided tour in the Botanical Garden of Lund. You will learn about the various plants and flowers, along with the history behind them.

Today the Botanical Garden of Lund University have over 7 000 species on 8 hectares (20 acres) in the middle of Lund. The collections include plants from tropical rainforests, deserts and mountains. There is also a range of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. 

The "Old Botanical Garden” was founded 1690 and was situated at the current University square in Lundagård. At that time, the garden sorted under the Faculty of Medicine. The garden at Östra Vallgatan was established in the 1860s and in the 1970s it was detached from the Botanical Institute of Lund University.

The botanical garden is still supporting research and education, but the main focus today is on communicating knowledge about botany, horticulture and environmental issues.

Feel free to stay for a “fika” with us (at your own expense) after the guided tour in the cosy café Patisseriet in the Park.


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Botanical Garden of Lund University, Östra Vallgatan 20, Lund - outside the Greenhouses next to the little pond.


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Botanical Garden of Lund University