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Join the celebration of Europe Day 9 May

Every year a celebration of Europa Day is arranged by our colleagues at Europa Direkt Lund. Sign up for the newsletter to get more info!

Europa Direkt Lund, one of the Europe Direct Contact Centres, is run by the European Commission. Every year they arrange a lot of activities including celebration of Europa Day 9 May. Sign up for their newsletter to get more information:

Europa Direkt Lund


Furthermore, the contact center can:

  • give you an immediate answer to general questions about the EU
  • help you navigate on the webpages published by the EU institutions
  • find more specialised information. If needed, we ask an expert in the European Commission on your behalf
  • give you the contact details for the best sources of further information and advice
  • give you information that is factually correct and updated, according to the standards of public civil service. However, our answers are never legally binding.



This event is arranged by:

Europa Direkt Lund