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Urban Malmö City Walk

Get to know the urban modern Malmö and the development from an industrial town to a city of knowledge, including a visit to the cultural hub STPLN.

Western harbour with Turning Torso, Malmö

Malmö and the Western Harbour: De-industrialization and sustainable urban development

Join this city walk and get to know the urban modern Malmö and how the town has developed from an industrial town.

From the mid 1800s, the most intense industrial development in Malmö took place at the waterfront. Kockums Wharf became one of the most important industries, and by the early 1970s the towering crane became dominant in the skyline, and a symbol of the city. International competition, however, led to the shutdown of major industries from the early 1960s, and in 1987 also the shipbuilding ended.

The first reaction was to substitute shipbuilding with other heavy industry, but this was no success. But from the mid-1990s a new vision for Malmö emerged, a ‘city of knowledge’. The transformation of the old industrial harbour area also came to embrace Agenda 21 and sustainable development, concepts that had their breakthrough at the Rio conference 1992 – and so the development of Malmö’s Western Harbour came to be a reference project of sustainable urban development for the 21st century.

The walk starts at Malmö University (Niagara building). We will pass the older parts of Kockums on our way to STPLN (the old slipway which now is a cultural hub) for coffee. After STPLN, we will pass Stapelbäddsparken (a skateboard park - actually initiated as a student project at Malmö university!), Turning Torso, to our final stop Daniaparken, with views of the Øresund bridge.


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Outside Malmö University, Niagara building, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö.


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Malmö University

The crane of Kockums in the harbour of Malmö