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Change career in Sweden by transferring skills

Event with ICHL Ambassadors: Having difficulty finding a job in Sweden that matches your professional background? Is your CV full and varied with experience but seems to lack continuity? Do you have difficulty to know what kind of jobs to apply for and which employers you should target? Then have a look at your skills instead!

Many internationals experience the same when moving to Sweden and starting to look for a job. It feels overwhelming, unclear, and sometimes hopeless. But this could be an opportunity to do something new, to make a career change and find a continuity within your skills-set instead.

For this event we have invited three ICHL-Ambassadors who will share their stories of finding a job in Sweden by focusing on their skills and competencies instead of looking at job titles.

We will introduce you to Virginie Février McAvoy who changed from the art & culture sector to roles in customer service and supply chain in the corporate sector. We have Antonio Napolitano who went from administrative and customer service jobs in shipping and hospitality to a role in sales at a major company in Lund. Meet Annette Lizotte who was working many years in marketing and public relations within different industries, who now works as senior relocation consultant in southern Sweden.

How did they promote their skills in their respective CVs? How did they explain their various work experience in an interview? How do they feel about their new careers in Sweden? These and many more questions will be tackled in this very interactive and social event.

Come and get inspired and motivated about an alternative career path in Sweden, as well as learning how to think outside the box when promoting one of your biggest assets, your skills.

The event starts promptly at 17:30 but feel welcome to join us for mingle, a light snack and beverage from 17:15.

Places are limited to 20 participants. We kindly ask you to unregister or let us know in case you are not able to join after all, as there is usually a long waiting list for these events.


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Live at Ekska huset, Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund.


  • The registration will open up approximately two weeks before the event.
  • This event is free of charge – but please unregister if you are not able to attend. Thanks for your understanding!
  • During ICHL events we sometimes take photographs and short film clips to profile our activities. We process and publish these photographs under the legal basis of public interest, in article 6.1 e in the GDPR. Please let us know if you don’t want to be in any photos/films before we start the event.


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