26 September - Discover Uppåkra

Monika Lennartsson who works as an authorized tour guide has created this exclusive opportunity to visit the site that is normally not seen.

Uppåkra, the largest and richest Iron Age settlement in Scandinavia which served as a political, economic and religious center of power. It is an archeological site located a mere 5 km south of Lund. The excavation is held by Lund University (ArcheoBalt).

Monika Lennartsson who works as an authorized tour guide has created this exclusive opportunity to visit the site that is normally not seen. She will take us through rough terrain and talk about this unique excavation and see some of the findings discovered along with other on-going activities.  Due to the somewhat rough terrain, you will need good walking shoes and clothing as we wander into the field in order to reach the excavation site. This event is limited to 16 places and recommended for adults only.

This tour will be in English and entrance fee is free of charge. Moreover, a coffee or tea along with a cinnamon bun will be available to purchase for 75 SEK on site which needs to be pre-ordered. Transportation to the site is by city and regional bus at own expense. Monika Lennartsson and Lisa Andersson will guide you onto the buses and be your hosts along the way.

We will meet at Ekska huset 12.45 latest, thereafter proceed to Lund C to catch the first bus #6 then transfer to bus # 130.

The tour runs from 14:00-15:00. Thereafter, time for coffee and questions with an estimated return time to Lund C 17:30 latest.

This exclusive tour has been created for internationals connected to the International Citizen Hub Lund.

We are limited to 16 adult places. First come, first serve.


Check out the short film on Uppåkra >> Link to the film


The registration will open up two weeks before the event, at the latest.

During our events we sometimes take photographs and short film clips to profile our activities. Please let us know if you don’t want to be in any photos/films before we start the event. Thank you!

Thursday 26 September - 12:45-17:30 Ekska Huset
Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund

Event in English

Event free of charge – but please unregister if you are not able to attend. Thanks for your understanding!

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