Verenice Bengtsson

"Never give up! It's probably one of the most cliché phrases you will hear as you are building your career in another country. As a newcomer you can't, actually you will become a master of never giving up! Moving to another country is the ideal way to change habits and routines. Are you ready to change your way of thinking and to increase your ability to make things happen?

In a short speech I will share with you my personal and profesional journey. How to take advantage of mentoring? What did I learn trying to get a job in Sweden and why it is important to be aware that in this country, experience and knowledge adds but attitude has a multiplying effect?

With a successful career as a young Human Rights Lawyer, I moved to Lund for 13 years ago because I married a handsome Swedish guy and decided to start a new life from the bottom. Currently I am working as a project manager at Drivkraft Malmö, I am also vice-president of Business and Professional Women Board and Jury Member of Diversity Index Award Sweden and a proud Rotarian. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!"

Verenice Bengtsson, Human Rights Lawyer working for an Inclusive Society


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