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Mitt Liv

Mitt Liv has a mission to bridge the gap between Swedish employers and international talent in Sweden. Our session within the Kick-Start Program is about Mitt Livs Chans - our mentor program for people with a foreign background and a post-secondary education, who need support to find a job within their field in Sweden.

"The purpose with our program is to provide participants with a personal mentor that matches their competence, alongside with education and guidance to navigate the Swedish job market. During the program you get the opportunity to build a large professional network, sharpen your skills in CV writing and do interview training, learn about Swedish organizational culture, and more. Over 400 international talents participate in Mitt Livs Chans every year, and more than 50% of our mentees find a job within their field after program."

Bo Nilsson, Program Manager Mitt Liv, Skåne

Mitt Liv