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Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral is one of Sweden's foremost sights and most loved buildings. For almost 900 years, people have gathered here. Every year more than 700,000 people visit the Cathedral and about 90,000 people celebrate worship here every year.

Guide and astronomic clock at Lund Cathedral

"Besides those who attend services there are many tourists groups from different countries, school classes as well as visiting parties from other churches and congregations.

Lund Cathedral has been awarded the top three stars by Guide Michelin's tourist guide Green Guide and has been named one of Sweden's seven wonders of the Swedish Science Radio listeners. My work as an archeologist and cathedral guide is to give all visitors as good a mix as possible of history, religious history and respect for the building that has been standing in Lund the longest and is still used today. It is an active Lutheran cathedral whit a crypt from 1123 that is not a closed room or museum but accessible for everyone to enjoy."

Melissa Isla Venegas, Guide, Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral