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Jernett Karensen

At one point, when I was living abroad, I just found the issues I was facing too challenging. I then started looking for a psychologist who had experience with relocating to a new country and living in intercultural relationships as well as being profient enough to do therapy in English.

"I realised these skills are hard to find. So when I moved back home I decided to focus my therapy business on helping foreigners. Both because I missed the expat life and being surrounded by people from other countries with different ideas and experiences but also because I wanted to offer what I myself missed.

Througout the years I've worked more and more with Compassion focused approaches and I find it particularly helpful when working with individuals and couples from different countries and cultures. I'm happy I can support the work of the International Citizen Hub Lund with my knowledge within the field of psychology and hopefully also contribute to an easier stay for many newcomers."

Jernett Karensen, lic. Clinical psychologist

Jernett Karensen