Länk till startsidan


You’ll be hearing about how you can make the world a better place by giving of your time in one of our stores. The purpose of the second hand shops run by Erikshjälpen is to generate money to projects that provide children with means to pursue their dreams.

"As a volonteer you’ll be part of the staff that tries to have fun while doing something meaningful. Some examples of things you could help out with are decorating display windows, offering customer service and working at the till. Unwrapping and pricing items from our generous donors are also daily tasks you could try out. And not to forget; the Swedish concept of ”fika” is very essential here at Erikshjälpen.

Together we contribute to more sustainable shopping, we offer a fresh start to people who haven’t had a job for some time, as well as langauage training. Working at a second hand shop is truly rewarding!"

Eva Casspe, Erikshjälpen