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Associations and an active sparetime

”My job is to support and initiate activities that aim for a more inclusive society and for all persons in Lund to have an active sparetime. In this work cooperation between the private and public sector as well as the civil society is essential. I also work with communication and information channels to involve the citizens in Lund and inform about the associations and organisations of the city. This is what I’m going to talk about when visiting International Citizen Hub Lund.”

Oliwer Karlsson, inclusive coordinator, Culture- and Leisure department, City of Lund

>> Link to more information about associations and an active sparetime (in Swedish)



"At LundaVälkomsten we welcome all newly arrived citizens of Lunds municipality. We help adults who lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language to register for Sfi- Swedish for immigrants courses and we also examine newly arrived pupils in primary and secondary school in different stages. LundaVälkomsten is a cooperation between Childcare and Education Department (barn- och skolförvaltningen), Education Department (utbildningsförvaltningen) and Social Services Department (Socialförvaltningen). We wish you all welcome to Lunds municipality!"

Camilla Lantz Jacobsson, Head of LundaVälkomsten, City of Lund

>> Link to more information about LundaVälkomsten (in Swedish)



"The municipality can help you with many things. It is responsible for schools and childcare, elderly care and social services, city planning and traffic, culture and leisure. Sometimes you can need a little help to navigate all this. That is what we do at "Medborgarcenter" (Citizen Center).

When you contact Lund municipality – whether by phone, email, social media or a visit – you reach Medborgarcenter. We can guide you on lund.se and provide the general answers. If you need to talk to one of the municipal officials, we can connect you.

Here are some things you can do at Medborgarcenter:
• Ask us where the nearest bike pump is
• Report a pothole or a broken streetlight
• Get a map of Lund municipality
• Make an appointment to get married in the city hall

We look forward to hearing from you!"

Hanna Nilsson, Medborgarcenter, City of Lund

>> Link to Medborgarcenter (in Swedish)