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Our speakers

When you are new in a country the key is to get the information you need and start building your network. At International Citizen Hub Lund we invite professionals from authorities, organizations and companies to be sure to give you the latest updates and expertise within each subject.

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Read quotes and get more information about some of our speakers who are professionals from authorities, organizations and companies. They are happy to get in touch with you and provide you with the latest updates. Take the chance to learn from their expertise and ask the questions you need help with during our events.

If you want to know more about our speakers and events you are welcome to contact our event manager Maria Petit.

E-mail: maria.petit@lund.se

Our speakers

Advokatbyrån Tove Sjövall AB – a lecture in the basics of Swedish International law.

BBi Communications – a shortcut into Swedish Business Culture.

City of Lund – we love to help you with almost everything.

Eos Cares – large-scale integration through sports.

Erikshjälpen – As a volonteer you’ll be part of the staff that tries to have fun while doing something meaningful.

EURES and Arbetsförmedlingen

Jernett Karensen – supports with knowledge within the field of psychology an easier stay for many newcomers.

Lund Cathedral – one of Sweden's foremost sights and most loved buildings.

Lund International Rotary Club – provides a home from home for both long- and short-stay international visitors to Lund.

Lund University – we will explain how to navigate the system and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Malmö University – about who we are as a university, our student cohort and our programmes.

Mine – a network of diversity-smart companies and public organizations.

Mitt liv – has a mission to bridge the gap between Swedish employers and international talent in Sweden.

Nora Talent Sourcing – it is important to create engagement for your experience.

Palm & Partners – will share a few tools and guide you through the process of how to reach your goals.

Sysav – our vision is to contribute to creating the world’s most sustainable region, for the present and future generations alike.

The Intercultural Lab – Newcomers are keen to learn strategies to deal with their new Swedish environment, get over the hurdles of culture shock, and thrive, both at work and in everyday life.

Trygghetsrådet TRR – explains the importance of Linkedin, how to optimize the profile and how to be active to get most out of the platform.

Unionen – can help prepare the participants for employment on the Swedish job market.

Verenice Bengtsson – Never give up!

Øresunddirekt – by looking at the whole Öresund region, including southern Sweden and Denmark, you will increase your possibilities to find a job with more than 100%.