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Drop-in Every Thursday

New in town? Looking for support and advice? Get the answers to your questions at drop-in. A great source of knowledge for all newcomers and also not-so-newcomers. And it is free of charge!

Digital Drop-in Thursday mornings between 9:00-12:00

We are available to meet with you personally at our drop-in Thursday mornings between 9:00-12:00. Feel free to ask any questions you need help with. There's always a friendly face to greet you. Welcome to join us!

These days this service is digital, due to the number of coronavirus cases in the region. You join bu following the links, by the principle "first come first served". The person that joins first can choose if he/she wants to let in other people at the same time. One person gets maximum 15 minutes on his/her own.

Spring 2021: Drop-in Specials

During the following weeks our Drop-In sessions will focus on certain topics, but of course you are welcome with any other question as well! Let's get in an interactive exchange and try to give each other tips and information.  


6 May – Family life in Sweden 

Sweden is famous for its family-friendly circumstances, but what does this mean concretely? Let's talk about hard facts (e.g. parental leave, child benefit, schooling, leisure time with kids etc.), but also softer aspects (gender roles, attitude towards children, playground etiquette etc.).  

>> Link to join this drop-in

(13 May = no drop-in due to the holiday "Kristi Himmelsfärd")


20 May – Health and well-being in Sweden 

It is not easy to understand the healthcare system in a new country, neither is it easy to find your way through a jungle of responsibilities. Welcome with your questions, tips and hints about health and well-being in Sweden! 

>> Link to join this drop-in


27 May   How to optimize your job search for Non-Kick-starters 

Are you new to the region and need some advice regarding your job search? Have you recently graduated from the university, and are now in need of practical advice for your job search? Lisa from the Kick-Start Program will answer your questions about the Swedish job market, especially for those of you who are not eligible for the Kick-Start Program. 

>> Link to join this drop-in


3 June – Summer holidays in Sweden 

Are you planning to stay in Sweden during the summer holidays? Let's gather and exchange tips about how and where to spend this special time of the year. 

>> Link to join this drop-in


10 June – Midsummer Mingle 

Our last Drop-In before the summer break! Let's meet and greet, and have a good time mingling with each other. 

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When it comes to career and job seeking questions and advice, please bare in mind that we are not experts, but can give general answers. If you are looking for a job please feel free to take a look at this guide with tips that we have collected over the years:

>> 8 tips for finding a job in Sweden

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Feel free to contact us with your questions:

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You will find us in Ekska huset, Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund. Just a few minutes walk from the central station in Lund.


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Free of charge

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