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Drop-in at ICHL

We are available to meet with you personally at our drop-in Thursday mornings between 9:00-12:00. Feel free to come by with any questions you need help with. There's always a friendly face to greet you. Welcome to Ekska huset!

Contribute to science at drop-in 23 May

23 May you can contribute to science at our drop-in! A researcher from Center of Languages and Literature at Lund University will join us during drop-in with a questionnaire. 

The purpose is to study how information from authorities is perceived by people who seek information there. The researcher is interested in how information is conveyed through language and how clear the information is with regard to its content.

Drop-in during Summer 2019

Due to holidays there will be no drop-in 30 May and 6 June. The last drop-in before Summer will be 13 June, so take the chance to come and see us with your questions and concerns!

15 August will be the first drop-in after Summer. If you have questions in the meantime you are always welcome to give us a call or to send an e-mail.

Thursday morning

During drop-in you have the chance to meet someone who will help you find the answers to your questions or point you in the right direction. We provide a relaxed environment where you sometimes can meet other internationals and have a short chat.    

You may visit our drop-in as much as needed or share any information you think is relevant for our organization or other internationals. 

If your questions cannot wait until drop-in, please feel free to drop us a line at:

>> Send an e-mail to International Citizen Hub Lund