Learn Swedish

Swedish is a language spoken by about 10 million people. Even though people you meet in Sweden have a basic knowledge of English it is most beneficial to learn a bit of Swedish for the reason of integrating into both society and the workplace.

Reasons to learn Swedish

The most important reason to learn Swedish is that it increases your employment potential and can be a requirement for entering higher education in Sweden. Furthermore you will become more independant, able to interact more closely with the Swedes and get a better understanding of the Swedish culture.

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Swedish for Immigrants, SFI

Upon arriving in Sweden and receiving a personal number (“personnummer”), it is common for most people to sign up to Swedish for Immigrants, SFI, as it is commonly referred.

SFI is offered free of charge and is a terrific way for internationals to improve their Swedish language skills. SFI classes are divided into distinct levels based on a person’s prior level of education and knowledge of Swedish.

>> Link to more information about SFI - Lund

>> Link to more information about SFI - Malmö

If you belong to antoher municipality, please check their websites for the courses offered.

SFI for Academics, SFIA

Sweden also offers Swedish for Immigrants for Academics,  SFIA. These classes are aimed at people who already come with an academic degree or wish to pursue one. The courses are more intense and prepare you for further education or the Swedish job market. To see if you qualify for SFIA, or to find out if this is the right choice for you, follow this link to Yrkes-sfi i Skåne:

>> Link to Yrkes-sfi i Skåne

Swedish as a Foreign Language, Lund University

Lund University offers a Swedish beginner’s language course with a rapid progression.

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Swedish language, culture and society, Malmö University

Malmö University offers courses with elementary knowledge and skills in the Swedish language as well as a basic introduction to Swedish society and culture.

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Language courses

Swedish language courses and summer courses can also be taken through other associations, though often at a cost to the student. 

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Language Cafés

There are several free language cafés available in the region. While most focus on Swedish, there are opportunities to learn different languages. 

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