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7 tips for learning Swedish by ICHL Ambassadors

One of our dear ICHL Ambassadors have made a collection with tips on how to learn Swedish. You can try them before or during SFI, or just go ahead and try to learn the language by yourself. Finding your favourite way of language learning and putting time and energy into it will pay off!

1) Apps

Find your favourite app and start exploring:

Duolingo app - free

Babbel app - not free, but not expensive

2) TV

Listen to the news or try a show for children:

SVT Nyheter på lätt svenska

SVT Barn

3) Radio

Listen to everyday's speaking on the radio.

Sveriges Radio

4) Language café

"Språkcafé", language café is one of the best for speaking the language. Check out the list of language cafés in Lund:

And online there is for example:

Svenska för föräldralediga online – free

5) Youtube

There are many youtubers ready to help you get the grip of Swedish. Here are some of the most popular:

Svenska med Anastasia

Johan Lundmark

Annika Larsson

Learn Swedish / Lär dig svenska

Alfra Svenska

6) Shopping

While shopping you can read the names of goods in stores (for example milk, fruits, vegetables)

You can also visit websites of clothes, and look for something without translation, just to try different divisions to see what is there.

7) Books for beginners

Get started by buying a book with Swedish for beginners:

Rivstart A1+A2

På Svenska 1