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Education in Sweden

Southern Sweden provides opportunity to get a good education whether it be at a compulsory school level, International IB or attending one of Sweden's top-notch university. A challenging and interesting curriculum is in focus along with a safe enivironment to those who seek it.

Encouraged to think independently

In Sweden, from preschool right through to university, students are encouraged to think independently. Upon reaching university, the teaching motto then becomes “freedom with responsibility”.

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World leader on gender equality

Sweden is a world leader on gender equality and its school system reflects these social ideals. Schools work tirelessly to provide the same opportunities to children regardless of their gender. Development and children’s individual needs and interests also play a primary role in the teaching process.

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Public and private schools free of charge

While Sweden offers both private and public-school education, it operates quite differently than commonly found in other countries. In many countries, private schooling offer students a better level of education than they can expect to find in the public-school system. This is not the case in Sweden. Both public and private schools are free of charge and offer students the same high-level of education. Public schools are run by the municipality, while private schools are run by a principle and a board. Public and private schools are both financially supported by the government and follow the same curriculum. Private schools, however, do have the option of choosing their own vision.

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