Länk till startsidan

Francisco Rostirolla

"Participating in the Kick-Start Program was a stepping-stone towards a career development and professional experience in Sweden. As an international coming to Lund a few years ago, I can say I found in Ekska Huset the perfect environment to increase my network and develop new skills."

When new to a country, it is crucial to understand aspects such as cultural differences, legal system and work environment. Fortunately, all this and much more were touched upon during the program, which is designed to make us feel comfortable, enthusiastic and confident in our job search and new endeavors.

In the many sessions and meetings with experts from different fields, we were given the right tools to achieve our career goals. I had the opportunity to meet with interesting people from all over the world, share experiences and develop a plan to the next steps of my career. Sessions on interview tips, cultural differences, and the pitching session were extremely helpful as they paved the way for successful job interviews.

Along with that, the competent and encouraging team of the Kick-Start Program made me feel part of a family and Ekska Huset another home.

In the end of the program, making use of the important tools presented to us, I was happy to be hired by an international company in a position within my professional background.

Thank you, Kick-Start Program!

/ Francisco Rostirolla