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International Citizen Hub Lund in media

A collection of articles about what we do and the impact we make:

The Place Brand Observer

3 September 2019 - Talent Attraction: How the International Citizen Hub Lund Helps to Attract Talent to Southern Sweden

"How to attract talent and make sure it stays? The International Citizen Hub Lund (ICHL) is a leading talent attraction and retention initiative in southern Sweden. We caught up with Lisa Andersson to find out how her team supports the partners of international talent – an important aspect regarding a city’s or region’s ability to attract skilled individuals from overseas. We also asked Lisa which challenges specialists from overseas and their families often face, and what ICHL does to help them overcome those."

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Mundus International

14 December 2018 - Mundus International writes about International Citizen Hub Lund and gives some clear conclusions and recommendations based on the their report "State of Expat Life in Sweden".

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The Transatlantic Post

7 December 2018 - Kajal Sanghrajka, keynote speaker at the Talent Mobility Conference at International Citizen Hub Lund 29 November writes: "From Invisible to Visible - This month I explore Southern Sweden’s X-Ray Vision and why this country of ten million is second only to Silicon Valley in the number of billion dollar tech companies per capita….."

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Veckans Affärer

1 February 2018 - Veckans Affärer writes about International Citizen Hub Lund

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Courrier Expat

11 November 2017 - Swiss press pubishes a new article about us for their French-speaking community Courrier Expat. 

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Future by Lund

28 September 2017 - Future By Lund writes a Swedish article about our work for the expat community in the region. 

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung

28 juni 2017 - International Citizen Hub Lund in Swiss press! We had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Swiss publication Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

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Radio Sweden

12 May 2017 - Radio Sweden visited our final session with the Kick-Start Program, Spring 2017, and interviewed some of the participants.

>> Listen to the interviews of Radio Sweden (in Swedish)


18 February 2017 - Sydsvenskan writes about the Kick-Start Program and how it all started.

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